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This is to try and explain the entering of team competitions and what is on offer for everyone throughout the year.

Area 12

 Most area competitions can either be entered as either a qualifier for the national championships (1st and 2nd normally qualify) or as a non-qualifier where you will just be entering the area championships. All competitions are for senior and junior members but may be held on different days at different locations. All entries must go through the area 12 secretary who will also organise teams. We do not ‘select’ teams, just organise them and we will always send as many people who want to compete as teams or individuals, area competitions are just a riding club competition and are supposed to be FUN!

If a qualifying entry is made, all horses must have up to date flu vaccinations and the BHRC secretary (Tricia) will require a photocopy of your horses’ passport which needs to be sent off to prove this. Qualifying entries must be in 3 clear weeks before the event.

Tricia will also send out reminders about upcoming competitions throughout the year and is available to answer any questions, but please let her know as early as possible if you might like to be involved.

Up to date information and schedules are on the area 12 website throughout the year under the events section. Organisers will often run open unaffiliated classes alongside the main riding club classes as warm ups or at a higher level.
Rising Stars

 These competitions are run by West Somerset RC and are held at Conquest RDA, Taunton. They are team events; you cannot enter as an individual, although there are some individual awards in each section. They are for teams of 3 or 4 with the top 3 scores to count.

Dressage is held around February and August; class 1 are usually walk and trot tests and class 2, 2 prelim tests.

Show jumping in May and October, there is a warm up class, followed by class 1 at approx.. 60 cm, followed by a jump off. Class 2 is approx. 70 cm, going up to 75 cm for the jump off.

The BHRC secretary will send out reminders and schedules for these events, again, we will send as many teams as we can, you can either contact Tricia with a readymade team of 4, or give Tricia your name and she will put you together with other BHRC members to make a team.

Teams can be made up of juniors, seniors or mixed teams of both juniors and seniors. As in Area competitions, entries need to go through the BHRC secretary.

Again, the emphasis is FUN!

The criteria for RS competitions is for novice/new combinations. Therefore, if your horse represents ANY Rising Club in an Area event, it is judged to be too good for Rising Stars and therefore not eligible.