Autumn Enewsletter – Written by Saraloo :: blackdown hills riding club

Autumn Enewsletter – Written by Saraloo


The Strictly season is back!

Tango, Waltz, Rumba and Anton.

Well … our case it was Pirates, Sugar Plum Fairy and The Wurzels

Sunday September 16th. The Blackdown Hills Riding Club held their 3rd.
Strictly Dressage Competition at the Conquest Equestrian Centre
Norton Fitzwarren.
Amazingly from where I was (behind the scenes) trying to keep the day
running smoothly, all appeared calm and in control. I was aware of all the hustle and bustle that was happening outside. Children and adults dressing up in amazing outfits and horses and ponies being covered in glitter, paint and gowns. Yes, several ponies were adorned in flowing outfits, showing them off in all their glory as they trotted / cantered around the arena to a range of music genres. Not one horse spooked at the (in their eyes) ridiculous outfits that their owners had made them wear – not even seeing themselves in the mirrors put them off Oh No – the scariest part of the day was the judges table. Well who could blame them! How scary are judges? Sitting at the table in the morning was our lovely Helen Hewitt (not really scary) and her very able writer Greta Duff.
This year we had put in some official dressage tests so the judge had her work cut out switching from dressage to music, to a Prelim test and back. The formula seemed to work very well, it gave all competitors time to prepare themselves and for those not brave enough to have a go at the DTM classes, a chance to watch – I overheard someone say that they would have a go next year. He he he – it also kept our compere and ‘disc jockey’ on her toes, thanks Jill you did a great job even when the music died sometimes.
The afternoon was strictly, STRICTLY. A change of judges – now we had Mr Robert Pink, Heather Marsh and Lorna Mountstephens sat at the table, ready to cast their eyes over all the fantastic routines that the competitors had spent time and effort in perfecting. Golly there were some good ideas. For the pairs, we had, Pirates, The Wurzels and a particular ‘tight’ and well co ordinated routine from a pair of coloured horses, who vowed they would dress up next year. Carey Collet and Jo North, we are awaiting next year’s outfits!
The individual competitors were varied and very entertaining – Mozart, Sugar Plum Fairy, Michael Jackson…….and there was a good contingent from the youngsters who showed us how well behaved their little ponies were and didn’t put a foot wrong, even though they had long cloaks floating around them. We had a superb outfit from Zayna who presented us with The Greatest Showman and won Youngest Competitor and the Pirates who appeared very calm, unlike their parents who were almost riding the test themselves from the side and of course the Dad (I think) who had obviously spent many an evening in his shed, to produce a super pirate ship – it won him the best prop award. We were entertained by the RC Quadrille, who dressed in glitter and feather scarves – dancing to T Rex. Whilst I went off with the public and judge’s votes to work out the prize winners. Everyone got at least one rosette – there were plenty of happy faces afterwards. Well done everyone.

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way especially the two scorers Sue and Nigel Black who were busy calculating and often missed out on all the goings on – you were great. Thanks to Jill Perrior who supplied the fantastic Special rosettes. What a lovely happy and successful day all round. Looking forward to next year which will be even bigger and better.

Written by Sara Llewellyn.

Results – Morning

1st – Dezi Nicholls on Minnie
2nd -Zayna Small on Libby
3rd – Anabelle Gregory on Rambo

1st = Anabelle Gregory on Rambo (Best fancy dress)
1st = Zayna Small on Libby
3rd – Harriet Quick on Diddy
4th – Jessica Quick on Blue

CLASS 3 – BD PRELIM 7, (2002)
1st – Gwenda Bassett on Prince
2nd – Millie Salway on Pink

1st – Kate Hopper on Sauber
2nd – Tricia Budd on Just Gem (Best fancy dress)
3rd – Millie Falway on Pink

CLASS 5 – PRELIM 12 (2005)– OPEN
1st – Emma Pearce on Teatime
2nd – Anouska Hesp on Splash
3rd – Daisy Pollard on Prince

1st – Bev Troutt & Yvonne Eaves on Toby Tobias & Clogheen Bella ( Best fancy dress)
2nd – Anoushka Hesp & Daisy Pollard on Splash & Prince
3rd – Carey Collett & Jo North on Irish Mist & Milo

Afternoon Grand Finale

1st. Tricia Budd on Just Gem
2nd. Bev Troutt and Yvonne Eaves on Toby Tobias & Clogheen Bella
3rd. Carey Collett and Jo North on Irish Mist & Milo
4th. Millie Salway on Pink
5th. Kate Hopper on Sauber
6th. Anoushka Hesp and Daisy Pollard on Splash & Prince
7th. Zayna Small on Libby
8th. Anabelle Gregory on Rambo


Web Site – Emma Pearce has taken over the editing of the website and has added a stunning calendar to the Events page. No longer will you search in vain for details of one of our events!
Autumn Show – 8th October – the schedule is on our calendar!
Westpoint Equine Fair – 1st December. We are sending a quadrille to WestPoint again this year. Training will start on Monday 1st October at Conquest. Contact Kate Hopper for more information.
AGM and Christmas Party – Friday 7th December. A short AGM and a much longer party! Please could all winners of last year’s trophies return them to a member of the committee before the night unless you know you will be attending? You are on my list!
Training – both flat work and jumping training will move to Conquest for the winter. Kate and Deana will still be organising these and we will be using Karen Court and Nicky Lumb.
• All BHRC events/rallies are booked under the following conditions.
• Full payment is required to confirm your place, and must be received 1 week before the rally/event date please.
Later entries will be accepted if space allows.
Payments via bacs or cheque posted to organiser.
There will be no refunds for withdrawals unless the space is filled from a waiting list or late entry.

As I am sure most of you now know, Deana’s beautiful horse Indi has been put to sleep. X-rays of his front feet showed degenerative navicular. Sadly, he was born with this condition and there was nothing the vets could do. We are all devastated as you can imagine; they had been such an important part of BHRC life. Deana is slowly coming to terms with life after Indi and I know you will join all of us in hoping to see her on a new horse when she feels the time is right.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who stepped up to the plate this year and helped out at a BHRC event. You have been fantastic! Scoring, stewarding, writing for the judges, poo picking the arena, putting up jumps, making cups of tea… the list is endless and you have been fantastic – the committee salute you!
It is a condition of membership, on our membership forms, that everyone helps out a one event a year. For this you get a £5 voucher and the feeling of satisfaction that you have helped to continue the success of BHRC. We quite understand that personal circumstances can get in the way of horsey things but one half day a year is not too much to ask, surely? Please make it a New Year’s resolution for 2019 to give a little back to BHRC.

For Sale – 1986 Olympic trailer. Front unload, grooms door, spare wheel, wooden floor. No longer needed – horse retired! £400 ono, contact Tricia. Stored near Heazle.