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March Newsletter

March 13, 2019

There is light at the end of the tunnel! The evenings are drawing out, the daffodils are in full bloom and every time I groom Gem I am woollier than she is; spring is on the way! The BHRC committee has been extremely busy; we already have a full year of events planned, training is well established at Conquest and our Spring Show is at the end of this month. Jill Perrior would be grateful for a few more helpers to make the day flow in its usual smooth fashion. I am in charge of poo picking if anyone wants to help me out? With that in mind, please read the following item below.


In the light of the recent Equine Flu outbreak, The Blackdown Hills Riding Club will be following guidelines / rules as set by the specific venues that we use, to hold our events. These guidelines may vary from one venue to another. In the interest of the health of your horse and the possibility of you being able to compete, it is advisable that you have your horses inoculated against the illness. Please check each venue’s website for their update on their ruling.
Below is such an example taken from The Stretcholt Equine Centre.


In the face of recent equine influenza outbreaks the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) asks all event organisers or coordinators to check equine ID passports of all horses attending your event:

Ensure that the horse (or pony) has received two injections for primary vaccination against equine influenza given no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart. Only these two injections need to have been given before a horse/pony can attend. In addition, if sufficient time has elapsed a first booster injection must be given no less than 150 days and no more than 215 days after the second injection of the primary vaccination. Subsequently, booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than one year apart. Any horse not complying with the vaccination rules should not be unloaded nor any horses travelling with it and they will not be allowed to participate in any session.

Future Events – more details will appear on our web site, Face Book page and the Riding Diary.

  1. Spring Show – 31st March @ Heazle. Please contact Jill on 01823 480349 if you can help out.
  2. Rider, Horse and Saddle – A Match Made In Heaven?

Aoife Cooper, MChiro  & Nicola Nicholls saddle fitter and Wow saddle consultant. *Present an evening about the influence of the saddle on the horse and rider, straightness and balance and how chiropractic care can help* Neroche Village Hall. 7pm. April 10th 2019. This is a free evening put on by BHRC for BHRC members, their friends and family. Everyone is welcome. Contact Nicola on – or contact Tricia and she will forward your email to Nicola and Aoife. During the evening they will be offering free spine checks and booking for free saddle check!!! Light refreshments will be available for a small donation. I expect to be skipping along like  a spring lamb  after this!

  • Dressage Competition @ Conquest – Sunday 28th April. The schedule is on our website. Joy is now taking entries and this event is expected to be very popular.
  • Clear Round Jumping – 10th May, 7th June, 12th July & 9th August at Paddocks. 6.00 pm start. £3.00 per round, rosette to all clear rounds.
  • Summer Camp 2nd, 3rd & 4th August (Friday eve – Sunday afternoon) Details below, £100 per person, £80 deposit required to secure your place. New for this year; camp starts on Friday evening with members and committee getting together over dinner. Kate Hopper (BHSAI) and Karen Court (BHSII) will be doing a lecture, demonstration and/or stable management on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a dressage competition on the Sunday which is open to ALL BHRC members. Help at this event will be very gratefully received; even an hour filling flasks is greatly appreciated.
  • Strictly Dressage-2-Music– 29th September at Conquest. D2M and BD classes. Booked and going ahead, Kate and Tricia will organise some training for those members who would like to enter but are a little unsure. More details later in the year
  • Summer Dressage League – (Friday evenings) June 21st. July19th. August 23rd. all at Paddocks, 5.30 pm start. Schedule is on our web site and on The Riding Diary.(part of it is below) Joy and Sara are in charge! They to, would be grateful for some help.


Training (polework/gridwork/jumping) with Nikki Lumb (BHSAI, Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship) at Conquest 6 – 7pm on 28th March, 11th & 25th April.  These are all Thursday evenings  in the indoor school. £20 per person, no more than 4 in a group. Body protectors are recommended for seniors and compulsory for juniors.

Flatwork Training with Karen Court – (BHSII, RDGAI) at Conquest 6.30 – 7.30 pm on 3rd and 17th April. Both Wednesday evenings, £20 per person, no more than 3 in a group.

If you’d like to join in please contact Deana Rowland either by text message 07841012410 or email to put your name down. 

Payment is required at least 7 days before session date and will secure your place. Late bookings will be taken if space allows. Cancellation policy is on the website. 

BHRC Summer Camp at Paddocks Equestrian

2nd, 3rd & 4th August 2019

Four rides – squares, triangles, circles and rectangles


5.00 pm onwards – arrive and settle horses

6.30 pm approx.  Teatime; everyone is welcome!


9.00 – 10.00 am Squares flatwork lesson

10.15 – 11.15 am Triangles flatwork lesson

11.30 – 12.30 am Circles flatwork lesson

 12.30 – lunch

1.30 –2.30 – Rectangles flatwork lesson

2.30 -3.00 – stable management/lecture/demonstration

3.15 – 4.30 – Squares SJ lesson

4.45 – 5.30 – Triangles SJ lesson

Evening hack to the local pub (Farmers Arms) followed by a barbeque


8.00 am breakfast

9.00 – 10.15 – Circles SJ lesson

10.30 – 11.45 – Rectangles SJ lesson

11.45 – 12.30 – lecture/demonstration/stable management

12.30 – lunch

2.00 – 3.30 approx. – Dressage competition open to ALL BHRC members – £8.00 per entry – Intro A or Prelim 12.

(Members attending camp do not pay)

4.00 – presentation of prizes and afternoon tea

4.30 – muck out stables and box up to go home

FAQ’s and questions you may not have thought to ask!

  • You are welcome to come to Paddocks on the Friday afternoon/evening. Your stable will be ready from 5.00 pm at an extra cost of £10. Your dinner and breakfast will be provided by BHRC and several committee members will be there to welcome you and help you settle in.
  • Most  stables are on shavings
  • You need to provide your own hay, please make sure the hay doesn’t get mixed in with the bedding.
  • You do need to provide hard feed for your horse.
  •  You will need water buckets.
  • You may wish to bring your own mucking out tools. (a wheel barrow is especially helpful)
  • All YOUR food is provided but you may wish to bring a cake or crisps to share
  • You will need to provide your own alcohol!!!!
  • If you are vegetarian or have a food allergy, please make sure we are aware of it before camp starts.
  • It is recommended that adults wear a body protector for jumping. (This is compulsory for juniors)
  • You are automatically entered for the dressage competition but it is not compulsory! You can enter either Intro A or Prelim 12.
  • All juniors must have a responsible adult stay with them at night
  • £100 per person. A non-returnable deposit of £80 is required to reserve your place. We take a maximum of 16 at camp therefore the first 16 to pay their deposit will have a place. I will also have a waiting list.
  • Everyone attending camp gets a T shirt, the size guide is below. I will order XL for everyone unless you tell me you want smaller.


The 2019 BRC rule book is now out and can be downloaded from the BHS web site. I have downloaded part of the dress code below. Please note, hats do not have to be tagged for BHRC events, but they do, if you are representing the club at Area level.  The tack rules are different for each discipline. I suggest you check the rule book if you are at all unsure.

Hats – (Must be worn to at least this standard with a harness properly adjusted and fastened – Skull caps must be worn with a silk). All Hats must be BRC, PC or BE tagged.  PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kite marked or Inspec IC Marked VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kite marked or Inspect IC marked.

Jodhpurs & Breeches – White, cream or beige breeches or jodhpurs.

Boots Long riding boots designed for riding are to be worn. Short riding boots with gaiters of the same leather and colour may be worn. Suede half chaps may be worn providing they are of identical colour to the boots and have no decoration or tassels.

Jackets & Shirts – Jackets or smart fitted waistcoats may be any conservative colours in muted tones; they may not be multi coloured or boldly pinstriped. Subtle pinstripes are permitted, as are colours and contrast piping to collar, lapels, pockets and vents. Service dress is permitted as is a tweed jacket with coloured stock or collar and tie. White stocks, white American collar or white shirts with collar and tie may be worn. Plain, dark coloured waterproof coats may be worn in wet weather.

Body protectors – A body protector Level 3 2009 or after purple label or a blue 2018 label or after should be fitted and worn as per the manufacturers’ guidelines. Hybrid Air- jackets and air jackets incorporated into a blouson style jacket are permitted. Exo Body Cages are permitted with a Level 3 2000 purple label.

Hair & Jewellery – Hair must be neatly secured and MUST not hang lower than the shoulder line when standing normally. Any item of jewellery or alternative medical treatment wrist bands must be covered up by clothing or gloves, if they cannot be removed, at the riders own risk.

Gloves – Gloves must be worn in all dressage tests.

Whips – One whip of any length is permitted for all BRC dressage. Whips must not be used in a way or be of a length that disturbs other riders and may not be picked up if dropped during a test.

 Spurs – The band around the heel must be smooth and spurs must be made of smooth metal, be blunt and be incapable of wounding a horse. Comb, tines and ‘spursader’ style spurs are not permitted. Spur designs which include necks set to the inside of the heel, roughened/ cutting edges or serrated spurs with or without necks are not permitted. Spurs with smooth rowels not exceeding 1cm are permitted. Spurs must be made of metal, although spurs with a smooth rotating rubber, metal or plastic ball on the shank or ‘impulse spurs’ are permitted. Dummy spurs are permitted and if there is a shank it must not exceed 3cm for seniors or 2.5cm for juniors; for Horse Trials, spurs must not exceed 4cm. Spurs may only be worn in the traditional manner, with the curve, if any, pointing downwards with the shank pointing to the rear and the end clearly horizontal to the ground or pointing downwards. All spurs are measured from the back of the boot/inside of the spur.

At the discretion of the Official Steward and judge, competitors may be permitted to ride without jackets or waistcoats in excessively hot weather. An American collar, correctly fastened stock or a suitable shirt* that fastens at the neck (not bright or multi- coloured) with a tie must be worn.

*BHRC insists on a LONG SLEEVED SHIRT for all disciplines if you are not wearing a jacket.*

Chairwoman – Kate Hopper, Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon. EX16 3TS.   07707815610

Secretary – Tricia Budd, 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 5JJ. 01823 442597

Treasurer – Deana Rowland, Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA. 01823 680021


Held by kind permission of Kate Baker
‘The Paddocks’ Bickenhall TA3 6TS

Dates: Friday (early evening) June 21st.

            Friday (early evening) July 19th.

            Friday (early evening) August 23rd.

Friday June 21st.

Class 1 BD Intro A (2008) Walk & Trot   (rosette to all entries)

Restricted to combination of horse and rider not to have been placed 1st in any dressage event.

Class 2   Prelim. 7 (2002 rev. 2016)   

Class 3     Prelim 12 2005 rev 2016

All entries in by June 15th. to Joy Brown (see front cover for address) ) times will be posted on our web site. Alternatively, please ring for times between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday June 20th. Tel: 07756773010.

Friday  July 19th.

Class 1     BD Intro B 2009  Walk and Trot (rosette to all entries)

Restricted to combination of horse and rider not to have been placed 1st in any dressage event.

Class 2       Prelim 18 2002 rev 2016 – (*qualifier for the WS&DD Championships)

Class 3       Novice 27 2007 (*qualifier for the WS&DD Championships)

All entries in by July 13th. to Joy Brown (see front cover for address) times will be posted on our web site.  Alternatively,  please ring for times between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday July 18th. Tel: 07756773010.

Friday August 23rd. 
Class 1     BD Intro C 2016  Walk and Trot (rosette to all entries)

Restricted to combination of horse and rider not to have been placed 1st in any dressage event.

Class 2    Prelim 13  2006 rev 2016   (*qualifier for the WS&DD Championships)

Class 3    Novice 28 (2008)   (*qualifier for the WS&DD Championships)

All entries in by August 17th. to Joy Brown (see front cover for address) times will be posted on our web site. Alternatively, please ring for times between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday August 22nd . 07756773010

February Newsletter

February 12, 2019


We all say this when something goes wrong – usually muttered when some horse has escaped its field, got into a feed room or lost a shoe for the millionth time. Said in frustration – but when faced with the prospect of being without them, we then realise just how much they mean to us and actually, how we cannot live without them, however much bother and hard work they give us.

A true horsey person puts up with all the little niggles – when faced with a serious issue the little quips pale into insignificance. I found myself in this situation just after Christmas and just before New Year. I had been out for a nice hack through the woods, the day before the emergency. Sky had been fabulous and we had, had a lovely 2hr ride. On our return, he was brushed off and mud washed from his legs, before settling him for the night in his stable. The next morning he was a little reluctant to come outside. I looked him all over; including his legs as I normally put a little pig oil on them to protect them from the now increasing swathes of mud in the paddocks – nothing to be seen. He walked out with me and I turned him out. Whilst mucking out his stable – something was niggling me about him and so when I heard him neigh I went back to the field to check on him. I was filled with horror at what I saw – ‘flat out’ he was, his head in the mud and groaning. Immediate thoughts were ‘colic’ so I forced him up, onto his feet. He stood holding his back leg, as if it were broken.  A huge wave of nausea swept over me. On closer inspection I discovered a huge swelling on his hock – it hadn’t been there first thing! Doubt crept in ‘had I checked his legs’ ……………. Yes, I’m sure I had’!

I didn’t want to leave him but I had to get hold of the vet. In full panic mode, I shot into the house yelling to a sleepy husband (it was 8.15am) that I had an emergency and that once I had called the vet, it was his job to escort her down to the paddock.

She was quick – it was a Saturday and Christmas (of course) and she helped me get him back to the stables. Diagnoses – infected hock. The pus that came out was very concerning. Taking the two vials of pus that the vet had syringed from the hock with us, we rushed (as safely as possible, quick action in this situation was called for) up to Langfords Veterinary Hospital. Not a word was said between us – husband was driving the lorry, my vet – left behind on the phone to the hospital.

A party of four greeted us – they took over, taking an extremely drowsy Sky (he had been given sedatives to enable the extraction of the offending fluids from the hock) from the lorry. I was ushered into an office, a hot drink put into my hands (think it was coffee) then the lead surgeon sat me down, introduced himself and praised and praised again the quick action and work done by my vet ‘it could have saved him’ it definitely saved time and time was what we didn’t have, ‘apparently’ – that nauseous feeling swept over me again, as the surgeon explained, using photos what the problem was. ‘Do you know how this happened he asked’? ‘No idea, I replied.  ‘I know I checked his legs and had seen nothing, but you always doubt yourself in this situation, don’t you?’

Whilst Sky was x rayed and the vials scrutinised under the microscope, we were shown where he was to be operated on – the theatre was amazing I knew he was in the right place. After Sky was given a thorough wash – nearly all over – infection was the big worry here, his leg was shaved. Even with magnified glasses nothing could be seen as a cause.  We were told to go home, as we couldn’t do any more and they were awaiting the anaesthetic team (Christmas and a Saturday – of course) those that were working on him were dressed in normal clothes and apologising for such, but they needed to work fast. I didn’t care what they were wearing.

I felt sick for the rest of the day – 4pm the phone rang. Sky had been on the table for nearly three hours and had, had 20 litres of special fluid, flushing out the site of the injury. No foreign body was found – no site of injury – it was a mystery how he had got into this state and still is.

Now as comfortable as he could be in a large stable they were pleased with how the operation had gone.

We visited him the next day, having been told that we could see him whenever we wanted and could stay as long as we liked. A duty vet, nurse, groom and a student, greeted us. It wasn’t until they had finished explaining the seriousness of the situation and that he would have a long stay with them, that we realised it was New Year’s Eve and these lovely people were here looking after all the animals – thank goodness for their dedication. 

 For two weeks we travelled up to the hospital to visit him, each time dreading what the vets would tell us – the infection had to be kept out, but a hole was required for drainage. It also needed to heal but due to its position – an area that was constantly in use and moving – it could be an impossible job.  Whilst he was there, three more horses came in with similar injuries; it seemed it was the time of year for this to happen. Sky made friends with a goat named Frankie, in for kidney stones, they chatted and helped each other heal, giving some companionship and comfort.

Three weeks on and Sky is back home. I cannot thank enough, the vets, all of them and all the staff at Langfords for all their care and kindness not just to my horse but to us. We were always welcome, kept informed and comforted if we needed it.

 We are ALL in recovery now – Sky has a good few weeks of careful management and physical exercise to go, before I can get back on him and he is left with a capped hock. I don’t mind the wait, I don’t mind what he looks like.

Yesterday Sky escaped from his small enclosure – I didn’t get cross, I smiled, I was pleased that I had to collect him from where he shouldn’t have been, I laughed at the fact that he was covered in mud and as a result got me plastered in mud – what matters is that I still have him with me.  Many don’t!  I am a very lucky person to have a filthy, sometimes naughty, ‘shoe loser’ as part of my life. Sara x


I moved to Clayhidon in May 2003 & the farm next door was known locally as the ‘smelly farm’.  Unfortunately the smell was mostly that of decaying animals & as the years rolled on, conditions worsened & I found myself embroiled in a battle with the authorities to get something done.  During those years I managed to ‘save’ just a few ponies; when the owner was finally taken to court & banned from keeping livestock there were over 150 ponies – Sauber was one of them.

He was born into a wild herd in June ’07 & I saw him the morning he had been foaled.  He was almost identical to another pony I had already rescued from the farm 2 years early, Irvine, except Sauber had a complete blaze.  I had to save him.  

Although the conditions we truly awful, none of the foals were taken from the mares until they were naturally weaned so I had to wait until the following June before he could be caught.  The round up was traumatic & he evaded capture on two attempts but he eventually arrived the weekend the Sauber/BMW F1 team had their first ever GP win – hence his name.

All the other ponies I had had from the farm I had re-homed to lovely homes & it was my intention to do the same with Sauber.  I had broken Irvine to harness & sold him to a couple in Wales that asked me to break Sauber to harness too, so they could have a pair.  However it soon became apparent driving was not for Sauber, so I backed him.

I then joined the riding club – I had never been a member of a riding club before – with the sole intention of getting him seen & sold.  I had so much fun with him & the riding club that here we are – I’m now the Chairwoman & Sauber will never be sold. Kate x



Firstly I’m not an expert, just someone who has done a bit and really enjoyed it.

Le Trec, as the name suggests began in France as a way of ensuring those escorting riders on a trec were competent.

A full trec consists of 3 phases.

POR – Parcours d’orientation et de Regularite – Orienteering – map reading

MA – Maitrise des Allures – control of paces over a measured distance canter as slow as possible, then walk the same distance back as fast as possible.

PTV – Parcours en Terrain – obstacles representing things you may meet on a hack marked by gait (pace) or style, usually run over 4 levels, level one as a starting level, up to level four with international competitions for the very competitive organised by Trec GB and local area groups eg TrecSouthWest

Also in some areas there are Versatile Trec competitions.  Usually with MA and PTV and an obedience test, a little bit like a dressage test.  Novice and open classes also often an in hand class.

Also this winter Trec Riders Club has been running an on-line competition with MA and PTV. Each month a different course is emailed out, which has been very easy to put together in an arena or paddock.  A 20m x 40m area must be marked out and the obstacles set out according to the test for that month, mostly just using poles and cones, nothing complicated.  The test is then filmed and sent on-line to TRC to be marked. Again novice and open classes and an in hand class, so even non riders or outgrown ponies or young horses needing life experience (or donkeys????) can take part. Rosettes are awarded each month, with some special awards; for example, in December for the most festive outfits.  One advantage of on-line trec is that practice and filming can be done when the weather is good.  To take part riders must join TRC but if only taking part on-line that’s just £7.00 and £3.00 for each months test.

So that’s Le trec, something I find great fun – I hope you found this interesting. Sylvia x 



I have been with the Blackdown Hills Riding Club for around 8 years; I have taken on the juniors this year and have many ideas for them!

I have 2 horses that I compete; Fools Mate (Billy) a 17.2hh, 12yr ex racer who mainly competes in show jumping, but he does do the odd dressage test if he can contain himself, and Pushy Lady a 16hh 6yr ex racer who competes in most disciplines.  She has a more level head than the other one; you will see me out at many of the BHRC events with them. Last year my biggest achievement was representing the BHRC at the West Somerset and Devon Dressage Championships at Kings Sedgemoor 

 I look forward to seeing you all out and about at many of the riding cub events.



  • Jackets – I have been shopping again – (poor Deana!) As I had sold nearly all our stock, I was in her good books and so I have got some more jackets – and they are lovely! I am using a different supplier and the green is more “green” than the previous ones. The logo is particularly beautiful. Kate, Deana and I have already bought one – I may have to put in another order!
  • Fleeces – BHRC said “thank you” with beautiful black and gold fleeces, presented to the riders and support crew who came along to Westpoint in December; (it is rumoured Georgina has not yet taken hers off) You may see the rest of us wearing them, although the general consensus of opinion was they were too nice to be seen near a horse!
  • Membership Cards – if you joined by the 14th January, you should have your card, any problem, let me know.
  • Website – Emma Pearce has taken on the responsibility of updating and maintaining our website and has made a wonderful job of it. I suggest you have a look at the “Latest News” page….
  • Juniors – come along to Conquest at 2.00 pm on Tuesday 19th February for some half term fun with your ponies. £5.00 per person. If you contact Tricia she will forward your emails to Georgina.
  • Spring ShowSunday 31st March at Heazle. The schedule is on our website and on The Riding Diary.
  • Dressage DaySunday 28th April at Conquest. Schedule to follow but put the date in your diary. This is a stand-alone ‘warm-up event.’
  • Summer Dressage League – All Friday evenings – June 21st, July 19th and August 23rd. To be  held at Paddocks, Schedule to follow
  • Clear round jumping – Mia Perham has taken on the role of show jumping co-ordinator and has arranged the following dates for our ever popular jumping on  Friday evenings – 10th May, 7th June, 12th July & 9th August

All at Paddocks, starting at 6.00 ending at 8.00 pm, £3 per round

  • Teams – information for teams is below and more can be found on the BRC Area 12 web site. We have Horse Trials, Show Jumping and Dressage teams to collate this year, get practising!



Flat work with Karen Court and Grid work with Ros Kemp.

6.30pm start in the indoor arena. £20 per hour session, No more than 4 members in each session. 

Grid work training with Ros Kemp 

13th February 

13th March 

Body protectors are recommended for seniors and compulsory for juniors

Flat work training with Karen Court 

20th February 

27th February 

6th March 

If you’d like to join in please contact Deana Rowland either by text message 07841012410 or email to put your name down. 

Payment is required at least 7 days before session date and will secure your place. Late bookings will be taken if space allows. Cancellation policy is on the website. 

Other dates and venues will be booked soon, contact Deana and Kate for more details.


Chairwoman – Kate Hopper, Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon. EX16 3TS.   07707815610

Secretary – Tricia Budd, 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 5JJ. 01823 442597

Treasurer – Deana Rowland, Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA. 01823 680021

Area 12 Qualifiers

Competition Location 2019 Date
Novice Winter Senior Dressage KSEC  6 Oct 19
Nov/Int Winter SJ KSEC 10 February 2019
FOTH Pontispool  16 & 17 February 2019
Intermediate Winter Dressage KSEC 27 Oct 2019
Combined Training Pontispool 10 March 2019
Dressage To Music  tbc, poss 27 May 2019
Horse Trials  Bicton  9 Jun 19
Summer SJ  KSEC 13 July 2019

January Newsletter

January 31, 2019

Hi All & a Happy New Year to you

Now since our antics at Westpoint & the AGM/Christmas party, the riding club has taken a little bit of a break over the festive period to allow all a well-earned rest & as such Trish was a little concerned there was nothing to go in this month’s newsletter! S,o being the diligent teacher that she is, she set us (the committee) all homework & asked us all to write a piece for you.  Now I have to confess I was not the best pupil at school……………….. Kate H x


Flat work with Karen Court and Grid work with Ros Kemp.

6.30pm start in the indoor arena. £20 per hour session, No more than 3 members in each session. 

Grid work training with Ros Kemp 

23rd January 
6th February 
13th February 
13th March 

Flat work training with Karen Court 

30th January
20th February 
27th February 
6th March 

If you’d like to join in please contact me Deana Rowland either by text message 07841012410 or email to put your name down. 

Payment is required at least 7days before session date and will secure your place. Late bookings will be taken if space allows. Cancellation policy is on the website. 

The rest is from me – Tricia.

We are now well into 2019 and Gem has started to shed her winter coat which must mean BHRC is ready to play. We have two new committee members, Sylvia and Mia, who have lots of exciting ideas, Georgina and Jane have great plans for the juniors and the rest of the committee have put their heads together and planned lots for 2019.  But the rest is down to you!

We are putting teams together for Area 12 competitions, the juniors will be performing a musical ride at Strictly, camp is booked for the 3rd and 4th of August, Deana and Kate are in the process of booking more training, the Spring Show is booked, what else would you like. Contact Kate, Deana or myself and we will try our best, but we may be calling you for help!

We have had a huge amount of membership forms submitted this month. All I received before today have gone to BRC Head Office. In theory we should get our membership cards by the end of January. If you are concerned about your membership, email me, I can give you your unique membership number so that you can join in on the training etc.

Gem has just turned 28 and as she is thriving at the top of the Blackdowns with Kate, we may surprise you yet and do a bit of dancing and prancing ourselves in the spring.

Below are the 2019 committee with just one of the roles they undertake!

Kate Hopper – chairwoman

Most of you will know me & my pony, Sauber, & I have two donkeys, Lotus & Cosworth.  Some of you may realise there is a theme going on here – I am a massive Formula 1 fan.  I also have four cats, Jenson, Lewis, Sterling & Moss and two huskies (hence the email address – nothing to do with my voice!) Farina & Coulthard.

There are some Sundays that you will not see me at our events – these are dates that I have not chosen – as I will be glued to a tv watching motor racing.  As you may well be aware it is not a cheap sport to participate in, in any form so nowadays I seek my ‘need for speed’ from racing my huskies.  Hardly the same thing you may think but trust me just inches from the ground with nothing but your voice for control & very little in the way of breaks – if that rabbit or deer pops up in front of your team, you pulling on bicycle breaks is not going to stop them, believe me! – at 20 mph it’s quite a thrill.  And they say riding a horse is dangerous….Kate x

Tricia Budd – secretary

I have been a keen BHRC member and competitor for more years than I care to remember. Last year was a huge change for me. Gem left DIY livery at Paddocks and went to live with Kate Hopper. As she was then 27, I assumed that this would be the ideal time to retire her.  Surely, she would appreciate a quiet life? Not Gem! She made it clear she was more than happy to join in with the quadrille training, we went to the beach and paddled in the sea, we went to Westpoint and got filthy cantering around the warm-up arena, and we won Strictly! With the help and back-up of so many lovely people and non-more so than Kate herself, Gem is now 28 and hacking out like a youngster. I have no set plans for 2019, experience has taught me to live for the moment. But Gem is happy and healthy and when I can get back into my show jacket, we hope to be out strutting our stuff again.

Sylvia Paine – Emotional Support (For now!)

I have been a member of BHRC since moving to Somerset 5 years ago. I’m not quite sure how it happened but I’m now a committee member (blame Kate!)  Nor am I sure what my role is to be but time will tell.  I have often helped at the spring and autumn shows and have really enjoyed that.  

I have 2 horses, Max my 24 year old Irish Sport,  some of you will have met, we have done some of the dressage competitions at Paddocks, prior to moving here we did some Le Trec (versatile and full) and have this winter taken part in the online trec. Great fun.  I also have Branston, a very young 7 year old dark bay Cob, typical cob -totally food originated- having had problems with a poorly fitted saddle and then biting problems. We are what you might call a project in progress!  If I ever get to do a dressage test with him it will be an amazing eureka moment…..

Well that’s me and mine, I hope to get to know more of you through this next year   Sylvia

Emma Pearce – Website

I am really looking forward to 2019. I have my new horse Boris. He’s only young and needs work. So looking forward to bringing him to riding club activities and aiming to start doing walk and trot dressage tests on him. Teatime is semi-retired now but I’m sure I will do some dressage with him and bring him to some clear round jumping – he loves that!!!

Deana Rowland – Treasurer

Hi everyone, ‘Treasurer’ what do I do? I try to keep track of payments coming and those going out, basically! sometimes a little confusing but on the whole it’s straight forward, references are the key to any easy life, so please try to remember that when paying into BHRC account. Our committee meetings once a month are great, good chance to catch up with everyone,  not having a horse to ride at the moment makes it all the more important to me to feel a part of the club and know what’s happening out there in our horsey world. 

We’ve organised training,  both flat work and grid work, that’ll I’ll be taking bookings for, looking forward to catching up with you regulars from last year and welcome any one else wanting to join in.

I am looking to find myself another horse, not an easy task, word of mouth of course is the best way often to find the good ones, I’m hoping to find, a slimmer build horse, around 15.2hands, with a bit of active life experience, around 10years old, to be generally happy in its own skin temperament wise, must enjoy schooling/dressage, be happy hacking the country lanes and country side without too much drama, I’d prefer a gelding.  So, hey ho , may be you’ll know of something that would suit me. Happy 2019 everyone.  


Chairwoman – Kate Hopper, Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon. EX16 3TS.   07707815610

Secretary – Tricia Budd, 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 5JJ. 01823 442597

Treasurer – Deana Rowland, Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA. 01823 680021

Sara Llewellyn – Health and Safety

Jane Palfrey – Child Protection

Joy Brown – Dressage

Georgina Palfrey – Juniors

Jill Perroir – Shows

Emma Pearce – Website

Mia Perham – Show Jumping

Sylvia Paine – Emotional Support!

For Christmas I got a new computer and I have been going through the archives of the old one. Above is a photo from our Open Show held at Willand in 2005. Charlotte and Gem are there, possibly Jill King? Anyone recognize the other two, I suspect it was the veteran class. I have many more old photos; do you have any from years gone by? Send them to me and I will do a “Back in the old days” section! l

Secretary Report for December

December 10, 2018

As I write, there are 11 days to the shortest day! Spring is nearly here! Gem and Sauber are extremely woolly but happy and healthy at the top of the Blackdown Hills. Kate and I took them both to Westpoint at the beginning of December. Gem and I were reserve for the quadrille and it seemed silly not to put her in the box as we all knew if we had her at Westpoint we would not need her! When I looked at the arena at Westpoint, my heart fell. We had been told it would be 20 x 37 metres. We had been practising at 18 x 35 m because we thought the horses would move away from the crowds. They did! The arena was still considerably smaller. Georgina and Pushy were our leaders and knew the music inside out. As they went in, I was far more nervous for them than if I had been riding. I knew their canter movement was going to be short; too right it was! Georgina did exactly the right thing, continue with the floor plan, and change pace with the music. They got there – just. We could not complain that we could not hear the music however. I record our music at a loud volume anyway, ours was particularly loud at Westpoint, as the guns went ‘bang,’ the entire building shook! As always, because we are proper “Blackdowners”, we smiled through and thanked our amazing horses. We already have plans for next year – assuming we are selected. Many thanks to Georgina, Emma, Kate and Dezi, and our fantastic back-up crew; you were all amazing.

• AGM and Christmas party. We had record numbers attend and handed out lots of prizes. The raffle made over £65 and we have gained 2 more committee members. Thank you to everyone who attended. Below are the reports from Kate and myself as Chair and Secretary.

Chair’s Report. AGM December 2018.

December 9, 2018

Well another year has passed by & both Trump & I are still here! I bet the odds of neither of us being shot by now weren’t that good!
I’ve not done any public speaking since the last AGM so I can’t promise this will be any better but I will try not to gallop flat out this time & may be even try to breath.
At our last AGM I cornered Emma Pearce to join the committee, & what a wonderful job she has done. And I think if you speak with Emma, or anyone else on the committee, they will all tell you that it really isn’t so bad, so watch out I’m head hunting once more.
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the committee for their time & commitment & smiling no matter what might be going on behind the scenes.
Last February saw the start of our Winter Dressage League & it was lovely to catch up with everyone & welcome new members. Next year we intend to change the format in favour of the Summer Dressage League – & in theory better weather! But we will still have a competition early in the season giving us all something to aim for during the long winter months.
The Spring Show had the best weather of the spring – Jill books it especially – & it was enjoyed by a good turnout.
This fine weather did not last as at the end of March – Good Friday to be exact – we had snow. Now this is not that remarkable to those living on the Blackdowns but that day I was collecting Trish’s horse, Gem, who is now living with me, Sauber & my donkeys. When I got down the hill to The Paddocks Trish told me Gem was now just wearing a summer sheet at night. I said she may need a little more than that tonight as it is snowing up on the hill. I don’t think Trish believed me. Anyway we loaded Gem & all her belongings & set off up the hill & as we climbed the rain turned to sleet & then to snow which was being blown horizontal. Gem & her belongings were unloaded & Trish made a rather rapid escape before her non 4×4 car disappeared under a snow drift. The moral of this story is, when Deana or I cancel lessons because of snow we are not joking.
Anyway the weather did improve, quite a bit & the riding club continued with its flat work training with Karen, jumping training with Nikki Lumb, clear round jumping evenings, which are very popular, the Summer Dressage League, which had a fantastic turnout, & then we get to Summer Camp.
Those of you that are seasoned Campers know what happens to the weather at camp – it isn’t going to last! There will be wind, rain, thunder & lightning. True to form the wind blew & the marquee was done for & that was just Saturday morning. It rained, like a monsoon on Sunday morning. However, not being one to be defeated Karen kept everyone entertained with lessons on plaiting & the weather improved for the dressage to go ahead in the afternoon. Trish is having therapy & plans are being made for next year.
At the end of August came the devastating news that no more could be done for Indi & once again Deana found herself saying goodbye to a beloved friend. They had a roller coaster of a time together but achieved far more than most would have due to Deana’s patience.
In September we were off to Conquest for Strictly – one of my favourite days & this year did not disappoint with a fantastic win for our very own Trish & Gem.
Once more Jill booked more good weather for the Autumn Show & there was another good turnout with lovely horses & ponies.
For the last couple of months the quadrille team have been running through their routine on a Monday evening whilst a very dedicated ground crew have stood in sub-zero temperatures hoping it would all come together at some point. Well, last Saturday the team of Emma Pearce & Teatime, Georgina Palfrey & Pushy, Dezi Nicholls & Minnie (thank you Samara for the loan of your wonderful pony) & myself on Sauber went to Westpoint. The rain held off, the nerves just about held together & our horses & ponies behaved beautifully. We may not have come away with a prize but I hope all my fellow competitors came away with a sense of achievement & they should be so proud of their horses. Plans are already being made for next year!
And as regards next year we hope to have a musical ride for our juniors. There has also been a request to have a dressage team. Don’t be put off by doing Area dressage – the whole point the Riding Club is it is there to support & help you. Remember to let us know what you want from your riding club & we will try our best for you.
Kate Hopper, Chair BHRC

Secretary Report, 2018 BHRC AGM.

December 8, 2018

BHRC have had another fantastic year which came to a thrilling finale at Westpoint last week end. The club continues to go from strength to strength, membership is increasing each year and we have considerably more junior members.
I have to start by thanking my fellow committee members. You are a fantastic bunch and committee meetings are a great laugh. We all pull our weight at the events held through the year and this shows with the continued high entries.
Kate has been our rock this year. Not only does she look after Gem beautifully, she has put the club on an even keel, I am truly thankful it is she, not I, who is you Chair.
Deana takes assorted cash, cheques, BACs transfers and invoices and somehow makes sense of the whole thing. I am truly thankful that it is she, not I, who is your treasurer.
Sara as our health and safety officer is the voice of reason, she has also sorted out our entire H&S folder and got us new first aid kits. It is thanks to her that we can now all draft a risk assessment
Jill organises our showing shows and is the voice of Strictly. This means I can enjoy these events far more because I don’t have the responsibility of running them. It is no coincidence that the only event Gem and I competed in this year was Strictly.
Joy organises our dressage events. For the summer DL this year she handed me all the dressage sheets for each of the 4 events sorted into classes and dated, fixed with a rubber band. Brilliant
Georgina and Jane are taking on the new role of organising events for our juniors. Jane is our CP officer and Georgina has lots of plans for our juniors next year.
Emma is our baby and has taken on the role of sorting out our web site, for which I am extremely grateful. She has put the interactive calendar on our events page, which is amazing.
We all work extremely hard for the club, not always easy as we all work and have other commitments. We know we have some gaps in our curriculum! We don’t have a named person to organise show jumping or cross country so we double up and we don’t have anyone on the committee to collate Area teams. so if you feel you could add a little to our RC year and feel like a laugh, please consider joining our committee. We meet about 11 times a year, usually the second Monday of the month, here at 7.30 pm.
On a personal note, Gem was semi-retired at the beginning of this year, she has gone to live with Kate, Sauber, the donkeys, cats and dogs. Far from feeling left out, I have had a great time helping at events. You see things in a different perspective when you are on the ground, and I get to talk to lots of people, especially all our lovely helpers. It is so nice to put out an email asking for help and people offering, or in some cases, offering without being asked, thank you one and all.
I am confident that the club will continue to thrive far into the future. We already have plans next year for training, clear round jumping, a trip to Windsor horse show, dressage competitions, dressage to music, two shows, Westpoint quadrille and Strictly, to name just a few. My therapy is ongoing and my physiatrist is confident that by early August I will be able to say the words ‘Riding Club Summer Camp’ without twitching! Karen and Camp are booked for 3rd and 4th August.
Thank you for your ongoing support of the club, we will re-group in 2019.
Tricia Budd, secretary.

End of Season Update

November 30, 2018

• Training – both flatwork and jumping training will start in the New Year, we have several venues we can choose from so contact Deana and Kate and they will start booking dates, instructors and venues.
• Juniors – as stated previously, Jane and Georgina Palfrey are taking on the new role of junior co-ordinators. You can contact them direct or through Kate or I via email. Let us know what you would like to do and where. I know plans are afoot for a Musical Ride at Strictly next year, perhaps this time Samara will get to ride her pony!
• Membership – forms are on our website. You can scan the form and send payment to Deana via BACs if you don’t want to print off the form, just make sure you tell Deana and I what you have done!

Should you have any more wishes for anything BHRC related, contact us and we will do our best. Enjoy Christmas with your horses and we will see you all in 2019.
Kate Hopper. Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon. EX16 3TS or text 07707815610

Tricia Budd. 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 6JJ. or text 07883631354

Deana Rowland. Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA or text 07841012410

Secretary Report for October.

October 31, 2018

Well, the nights are drawing in and we have held our Autumn Show; which means 2018 is coming to a close. BHRC members are still active however, we have members representing us at the West Somerset and Devon dressage Championships on the 28th at KSEC and the quadrille are practising every Monday evening for their competition at Westpoint on 1st December.

Our AGM and Christmas Party is on Friday 7th December. Everyone is welcome, you do not have to be a member. The evening is free and we hand out lots of cups and trophies. Make a date in your diary. At the AGM there is the opportunity for any member to come onto the committee.

Below is piece that our newest committee member, Emma, has written, so if you think you could offer something to the club, and have a great laugh as well, please consider joining our merry band. We meet on the 2nd Monday of each month, at The Catherine Wheel, Hemyock.

Trophies – all trophies and cups must be returned by the AGM! It is most unfair to those who have won an award, not have it presented to them on the night because it has not been returned – we had 3 not returned in time last year! They can be returned to any committee member, thank you in advance.

Membership – we have not put up our subscriptions this year so membership is £25 seniors, £20 junior. (Less £5 if 2 or more members of the same family join at the same time.) 2019 membership starts on 1st January.

My first year as a committee member by Emma Pearce!

Well it’s been nearly a year since I was asked to join the committee. I thought about it and thought why not. I’m an active member and felt I could give something back to the club.

It’s been an interesting year and an eye opener to the organisation and planning that goes into club events. All of us work as a team and put our members first.

My highlight of the year has to be Strictly Dressage at Conquest. What a fun day!! Loved seeing everyone’s outfits and routines.

With my pony Teatime now taking semi-retirement I have helped at several events. I got to chat to people and not worry about riding but secretly I was envious of the riders having fun on their horses.

This year I’ve been on the lookout for a new best friend, every committee meeting the ladies have endured my stories of different ones I’ve viewed- there has been plenty!!! But eventually at my last viewing of this year I found the one. He’s called Boris, and I am very excited to be bringing him to the club training sessions and competitions next year.

I’ve had plenty of giggles this year and made lots of new friends. Roll on 2019….. but first of all Westpoint Quadrille in December. Emma Pearce x

Following on – our Treasurer Deana has written a few words,

I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all, for good wishes sent to me since losing Indi. Indi was both challenging and very rewarding, I learnt so much from him, the navicular disease he had was very rare, called tripartite, he would have been born with it; neither my vet or farrier had seen anything like it from his x-rays. Specialists confirmed what it actually was, they we’re all amazed at how well he’d done for so long. A testament to him not wanting to let me down I believe now. I did the only thing left for him I could, the hardest thing ever. He dominated my everyday life and now I miss him terribly. All your good wishes do help, thank you again. The photo is of him as a foal, with all his life in front of him. Deana. X

For Sale – 1986 Olympic trailer. Front unload, grooms door, spare wheel, wooden floor. No longer needed – horse retired! £400 ono, contact Tricia. Stored near Heazle.

Kate Hopper. Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon. EX16 3TS or text 07707815610

Tricia Budd. 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 6JJ. or text 07883631354

Deana Rowland. Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA or text 07841012410

Agenda of the Annual General Meeting
For the
Blackdown Hills Riding Club
To be held at the Catherine Wheel Pub, Hemyock
On Friday 7th December 2018 Starting at 7.30 pm
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of 2017 AGM
3. Matters arising
4. Chair’s report
5. Secretary’s report
6. Treasurers report
7. Adoption of accounts
8. Subscriptions for 2019
9. Election of committee for 2019
10. Charities to benefit from club funds in 2019 –
11. Presentation of awards
12. AOB – raffle
13. Buffet!

Should any member have a topic they wish to have raised at the AGM, please notify the BHRC secretary: – Tricia Budd, 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton. TA3 5JJ
Should there be any further nominations, please forward the form below to Tricia Budd before the day of the AGM
Please note the proposed must be a current BHRC member and have shown a willingness to stand
I propose ……………………………………………………………………….
For election as a committee member of the BHRC at the AGM 2018
Proposed by: – …………………………………. (BHRC number……………………………….)
Seconded by:-…………………………….…… (BHRC number……………………………….)

Autumn Show – beautifully organised as ever by Jill Perrior and her team, well done to all. We had some lovely autumn weather and good entries. Our Spring Show will be at the end of March, schedule out in the New Year.


Class 1 Youngstock – Open
1st Federico Michelle Scears

Class 2 Mountain & Moorland
1st Stoak Va Va Voom Sara Blair Salter
2nd Cwmmeavdwy Sain Aimee Wright
3rd Lucky Lane Majestic Gloria Perkins
4th Rascal Zara Murphy

Class 3 Coloured Horse or Pony
1st Aldensfarm Blue Print C V Lamb-Cooper
2nd Fluff Liz Peach
3rd Stoak Va Va Voom Sara Blair Salter
4th Rascal Zara Murphy

Class 5 Open Pony
1st Lucky Lane Majestic Gloria Perkins
2nd Aldensfarm Blue Print C V Lamb-Cooper
3rd Stoak Va Va Voom Sara Blair Salter
4th Cwmmeavdwy Sain Aimee Wright
5th Rascal Zara Murphy

Class 6 Foreign Breeds/Arabs
1st Janata Sara
2nd Libby Zayna Small M 5pts
3rd Doebanks Dexterity Sue Allen M 4pts

Class 7 Cobs
1st Harry Jill Acheson
2nd Fluffy Liz Peach

Class 8 Veteran Horse or Pony
1st Doebanks Dexterity Sue Allen M 6pts
2nd Miss Holly Jessica White

Class 9 Child Handler
1st Libby Zayna Small M 6pts
2nd Rascal Zara Murphy
3rd Miss Holly Jessica White

Champion – Lucky Lane Majestic & Gloria Perkins
Reserve Champion – Federico & Michelle Scears

Class 10 Best Turnout – Open
1st Esme Pippa Maggs
2nd Cwmmeavdwy Sain Aimee Wright

Class 11 Novice Ridden – Open
1st Fluff Liz Peach
2nd Rascal Molly Fincher

Class 12 Lead Rein Pony
1st Stourton Whidabouts Violet Guerin
2nd Esme Pippa Maggs
3rd Ceamaiteach Mozart Maisie Wright

Class 13 Veteran Horse or Pony
1st Esme Pippa Maggs

Class 14 Mountain & Moorland
1st Stourton Whidabouts Violet Guerin
2nd Rascal Molly Fincher

Class 15 Coloured Horse or Pony
1st Fluff Liz Peach
2nd Rascal Molly Fincher
3rd Libby Zayna Small M 5pts

Class 16 Open Ridden Horse
1st Little Darcy Zara Semmens
2nd Queen Cee Emma Knight
3rd Rupert Michelle Scears
4th Fools Mate Georgina Palfrey M 3pts

Class 17 Open Ridden Pony
1st Chiddock Two Time Sarah Baker
2nd Stourton Whidabouts Violet Guerin

Class 18 Cobs
1st Fluff Liz Peach

Class 19 Competition Horse or Pony
1st Little Darcy Zara Semmens
2nd Queen Cee Emma Knight
3rd Divertido Rebecca Turner
4th Educardo Louise Steel
5th Rupert Michelle Scears
6th Fools Mate Georgina Palfrey M 1pt

CLASS 20 Foreign Breeds / Arabs
1st Divertido Rebecca Turner
2nd Chiddock Two Time Sarah Baker
3rd Educardo Louise Steel
3rd Libby Zayna Small M 3pts

Champion – Little Darcy & Zara Semmens
Reserve Champion – Stourton Whidabouts & Violet Guerin

Best Member

Zayna Small 19 pts
Sue Allen 10 pts
Georgina Palfrey 4pts

Autumn Enewsletter – Written by Saraloo

September 30, 2018


The Strictly season is back!

Tango, Waltz, Rumba and Anton.

Well … our case it was Pirates, Sugar Plum Fairy and The Wurzels

Sunday September 16th. The Blackdown Hills Riding Club held their 3rd.
Strictly Dressage Competition at the Conquest Equestrian Centre
Norton Fitzwarren.
Amazingly from where I was (behind the scenes) trying to keep the day
running smoothly, all appeared calm and in control. I was aware of all the hustle and bustle that was happening outside. Children and adults dressing up in amazing outfits and horses and ponies being covered in glitter, paint and gowns. Yes, several ponies were adorned in flowing outfits, showing them off in all their glory as they trotted / cantered around the arena to a range of music genres. Not one horse spooked at the (in their eyes) ridiculous outfits that their owners had made them wear – not even seeing themselves in the mirrors put them off Oh No – the scariest part of the day was the judges table. Well who could blame them! How scary are judges? Sitting at the table in the morning was our lovely Helen Hewitt (not really scary) and her very able writer Greta Duff.
This year we had put in some official dressage tests so the judge had her work cut out switching from dressage to music, to a Prelim test and back. The formula seemed to work very well, it gave all competitors time to prepare themselves and for those not brave enough to have a go at the DTM classes, a chance to watch – I overheard someone say that they would have a go next year. He he he – it also kept our compere and ‘disc jockey’ on her toes, thanks Jill you did a great job even when the music died sometimes.
The afternoon was strictly, STRICTLY. A change of judges – now we had Mr Robert Pink, Heather Marsh and Lorna Mountstephens sat at the table, ready to cast their eyes over all the fantastic routines that the competitors had spent time and effort in perfecting. Golly there were some good ideas. For the pairs, we had, Pirates, The Wurzels and a particular ‘tight’ and well co ordinated routine from a pair of coloured horses, who vowed they would dress up next year. Carey Collet and Jo North, we are awaiting next year’s outfits!
The individual competitors were varied and very entertaining – Mozart, Sugar Plum Fairy, Michael Jackson…….and there was a good contingent from the youngsters who showed us how well behaved their little ponies were and didn’t put a foot wrong, even though they had long cloaks floating around them. We had a superb outfit from Zayna who presented us with The Greatest Showman and won Youngest Competitor and the Pirates who appeared very calm, unlike their parents who were almost riding the test themselves from the side and of course the Dad (I think) who had obviously spent many an evening in his shed, to produce a super pirate ship – it won him the best prop award. We were entertained by the RC Quadrille, who dressed in glitter and feather scarves – dancing to T Rex. Whilst I went off with the public and judge’s votes to work out the prize winners. Everyone got at least one rosette – there were plenty of happy faces afterwards. Well done everyone.

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way especially the two scorers Sue and Nigel Black who were busy calculating and often missed out on all the goings on – you were great. Thanks to Jill Perrior who supplied the fantastic Special rosettes. What a lovely happy and successful day all round. Looking forward to next year which will be even bigger and better.

Written by Sara Llewellyn.

Results – Morning

1st – Dezi Nicholls on Minnie
2nd -Zayna Small on Libby
3rd – Anabelle Gregory on Rambo

1st = Anabelle Gregory on Rambo (Best fancy dress)
1st = Zayna Small on Libby
3rd – Harriet Quick on Diddy
4th – Jessica Quick on Blue

CLASS 3 – BD PRELIM 7, (2002)
1st – Gwenda Bassett on Prince
2nd – Millie Salway on Pink

1st – Kate Hopper on Sauber
2nd – Tricia Budd on Just Gem (Best fancy dress)
3rd – Millie Falway on Pink

CLASS 5 – PRELIM 12 (2005)– OPEN
1st – Emma Pearce on Teatime
2nd – Anouska Hesp on Splash
3rd – Daisy Pollard on Prince

1st – Bev Troutt & Yvonne Eaves on Toby Tobias & Clogheen Bella ( Best fancy dress)
2nd – Anoushka Hesp & Daisy Pollard on Splash & Prince
3rd – Carey Collett & Jo North on Irish Mist & Milo

Afternoon Grand Finale

1st. Tricia Budd on Just Gem
2nd. Bev Troutt and Yvonne Eaves on Toby Tobias & Clogheen Bella
3rd. Carey Collett and Jo North on Irish Mist & Milo
4th. Millie Salway on Pink
5th. Kate Hopper on Sauber
6th. Anoushka Hesp and Daisy Pollard on Splash & Prince
7th. Zayna Small on Libby
8th. Anabelle Gregory on Rambo


Web Site – Emma Pearce has taken over the editing of the website and has added a stunning calendar to the Events page. No longer will you search in vain for details of one of our events!
Autumn Show – 8th October – the schedule is on our calendar!
Westpoint Equine Fair – 1st December. We are sending a quadrille to WestPoint again this year. Training will start on Monday 1st October at Conquest. Contact Kate Hopper for more information.
AGM and Christmas Party – Friday 7th December. A short AGM and a much longer party! Please could all winners of last year’s trophies return them to a member of the committee before the night unless you know you will be attending? You are on my list!
Training – both flat work and jumping training will move to Conquest for the winter. Kate and Deana will still be organising these and we will be using Karen Court and Nicky Lumb.
• All BHRC events/rallies are booked under the following conditions.
• Full payment is required to confirm your place, and must be received 1 week before the rally/event date please.
Later entries will be accepted if space allows.
Payments via bacs or cheque posted to organiser.
There will be no refunds for withdrawals unless the space is filled from a waiting list or late entry.

As I am sure most of you now know, Deana’s beautiful horse Indi has been put to sleep. X-rays of his front feet showed degenerative navicular. Sadly, he was born with this condition and there was nothing the vets could do. We are all devastated as you can imagine; they had been such an important part of BHRC life. Deana is slowly coming to terms with life after Indi and I know you will join all of us in hoping to see her on a new horse when she feels the time is right.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who stepped up to the plate this year and helped out at a BHRC event. You have been fantastic! Scoring, stewarding, writing for the judges, poo picking the arena, putting up jumps, making cups of tea… the list is endless and you have been fantastic – the committee salute you!
It is a condition of membership, on our membership forms, that everyone helps out a one event a year. For this you get a £5 voucher and the feeling of satisfaction that you have helped to continue the success of BHRC. We quite understand that personal circumstances can get in the way of horsey things but one half day a year is not too much to ask, surely? Please make it a New Year’s resolution for 2019 to give a little back to BHRC.

For Sale – 1986 Olympic trailer. Front unload, grooms door, spare wheel, wooden floor. No longer needed – horse retired! £400 ono, contact Tricia. Stored near Heazle.

Secretary Report for August

August 31, 2018

After the searing heat of previous months, the weather has broken and the grass is beginning to return to green. I can recall the precise moment the weather changed, I drove to Paddocks on Saturday 28th July, the first day of our “summer” camp, to find the previously erected marquee on the floor! Other clubs may have packed up and gone home – not BHRC! We soldiered on, tweaking and adapting as the weather dictated. Kate Hopper came over and gave a demonstration on natural horsemanship and Sunday morning, Karen Court gave a practical stable management demonstration on plaiting with thread. As the gales subsided, the rain stopped and a weak sun struggled out, everyone donned their “posh” outfits and did their dressage tests, putting into practise what they had learnt previously. We had a cream tea and handed out lots of prizes and rosettes and set for home with the intention of a bath and 24 hours of uninterrupted sleep!
Thanks must go to everyone who attended and helped out in any little way – it is greatly appreciated. BHRC are extremely lucky to have such wonderful willing helpers; one member brought a lorry load of juniors to our CR jumping; just to help put up jumps and then put them away again! We also have lovely people who email and ask if we need any help stewarding at our Dressage League. It makes such a difference to the smooth running of our events. However, ALL members tick a box on their membership forms to say they will help at one event a year. If you have not yet done so, please offer a few hours help at our next two competitions – Strictly D2M and our Autumn Show. You see life from a completely different perspective, and you earn a £5 voucher. I am organising Strictly and Jill Perrior is organising the Autumn Show – we look forward to hearing from you!
Sadly, we have had to cancel our Charity Dressage tomorrow as we only had 10 entries. We will still be making a donation to The Greyhound Trust, contact Deana if you would like to send them some money. We need to rethink our charity event for next year. Any thoughts?
Summer Dressage League – this series of events has been a huge success and will be run again next year. We have meet some lovely people and horses. We have renewed old acquaintances and made some good friends. Our judges have been very positive in their comments and our winners have been well deserved. Congratulations go to our champions – Juniors; Zayna on Libby, Seniors; Laura Chilcott on Jingo and Reserve; Georgina Palfrey on Pushy. Well done everyone.

Clear Round Show Jumping – this has also been a huge success. It is our intention to continue with this next year and expand it to a series of show jumping competitions, with the possibility of a points system and championship. Some thoughts on classes, heights etc?

Strictly: Dressage-2-Music – Sunday 16th September at Conquest – we are offering both BD and D2M classes. This is always a great fun event and horses love dancing to music. Kate Hopper is collating members for the Musical Ride and several members of the committee are happy to offer help and advice on how to prepare for your first D2M competition. Schedules are on our web site – Events.

Autumn Show – Sunday 7th October at Heazle – make a date in your diary, schedules are being drafted but will be similar to the Spring Show.

AGM and Christmas Party – Friday 7th December – a time to celebrate 2018 and plan for 2019, everyone is welcome.

• Training at Paddocks

New dates for flatwork training with Karen Court on Saturday mornings.
1st, 8th & 22nd September
Please contact Deana Rowland, to book your place either by
Email – or text 07841012410.
£20 per hour session, no more than 3 in a lesson.
• Training at Clippersharp

Pole work & jumping training with Nikki Lumb at Southwood Farm, 6.15pm on Wed 22nd & Wed 29th Aug. £20 per session. Limited places available so please contact Kate at – or text 07707815610 Dates for Sept to follow shortly.
Wednesday 22nd August, pole work & jumping training with Nikki Lumb
Wednesday 29th August, pole work & jumping training with Nikki Lumb
Saturday 1st September at Paddocks, flatwork training with Karen Court
Saturday 8th September at Paddocks, flatwork training with Karen Court
Saturday 22nd September at Paddocks, flatwork training with Karen Court

Full payment is required to confirm your place, and must be received 1 week before the rally date please.
Later entries will be accepted if space allows.
Payments via bacs or cheque posted to organiser.
There will be NO refunds for withdrawals unless the space is filled from a waiting list or late entry.
NEWSLETTERS – I send out one newsletter a month, they are always put on our website – – and a notification is put on our Facebook page. Unless an email bounces back to me, I assume all members have received my email. If you can’t find it, it may have gone to your spam folder instead. I can always resend an Enews if yours has gone missing.

PAYMENTS – you can pay for anything riding club related by BACs – including clear round jumping/training/show entries/merchandise/camp etc. – using your surname as a reference code. The details are as follows –

NatWest – sort code 60-23-05, account no; 74506439 Blackdown Hills Riding Club

However, PLEASE tell Deana how much you have paid and your reference code, it makes her life much less complicated if you do!

Kate Hopper. Pleasant House, Clayhidon, Cullompton, Devon. EX16 3TS or text 07707815610

Tricia Budd. 24, Newlands Grove, Ruishton, Taunton, Somerset. TA3 6JJ. or text 07883631354

Deana Rowland. Coombe Hill House, Symonsburrow, Hemyock, Devon. EX16 3XA or text 07841012410

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