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A note from our Chairwoman – Kate Hopper Hi All! Well, it’s that time of year when I rally the troops for the musical ride once more!  For those of you new to us, this is not a competition, but a chance to get to meet others & have a bit of fun & it is open to all – juniors & seniors.  This year’s theme will be ‘Minions’ (Despicable Me!) & we aim to
By Tricia Budd Happy Easter!  We have a champion in our midst! Committee member Sylvia Paine and Max have just been awarded the Newcomer, Reserve   Champion, online, International Trec League; awarded by Trec Riders Club! Sylvia was at pains to point out to me at the last committee meeting that she is not an expert; until today, I had believed her! She gave a talk to the juniors, showed them her beautiful rosette and sash and
There is light at the end of the tunnel! The evenings are drawing out, the daffodils are in full bloom and every time I groom Gem I am woollier than she is; spring is on the way! The BHRC committee has been extremely busy; we already have a full year of events planned, training is well established at Conquest and our Spring Show is at the end of this month. Jill Perrior would be grateful
ANIMALS!  WHO WOULD HAVE THEM? – BY SARA LLEWELLYN We all say this when something goes wrong – usually muttered when some horse has escaped its field, got into a feed room or lost a shoe for the millionth time. Said in frustration – but when faced with the prospect of being without them, we then realise just how much they mean to us and actually, how we cannot live without them, however much bother
Hi All & a Happy New Year to you Now since our antics at Westpoint & the AGM/Christmas party, the riding club has taken a little bit of a break over the festive period to allow all a well-earned rest & as such Trish was a little concerned there was nothing to go in this month’s newsletter! S,o being the diligent teacher that she is, she set us (the committee) all homework & asked us


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